Thursday, June 9, 2016

Andrew Pickens, Hero of the Revolution

Andrew Pickens was a dignified diplomat who, during the Revolutionary War, captained several militia-led campaigns . His 300 strong guerrilla style militia was instrumental at the Battle of Kettle Creek, Battle of Cowpens and the siege of Augusta, Georgia. 
Late in the war, Pickens also led a campaign in north Georgia against the Cherokee Indians, which led to the ceding of a significant amount of land between the Savannah and Chattachoochee Rivers. 
Pickens was mostly pacifist by nature, and his Cherokee campaigns involved few outright battles, and much negotiation. Accordingly, Native Americans regarded Pickens highly, and nicknamed him “The Wizard Owl.” 
He was one of the first congressmen in the House of Representatives of South Carolina, where he was also well-liked. Several counties share his namesake as a result of his territorial expansions.