Thursday, June 16, 2016

Do It Yourself Market Wallet

I just got  back from spending a few days at Friendship and for the first time I saw someone there using a market wallet. Normally all one sees are haversacks. So, why not a post about them, says Me.

 "The Market Wallet, is a rectangular bag with an opening in the center, made of cloth in various sizes and used as an all-purpose carrying item by civilians. It makes a great addition to a civilian kit.
The wallet, being of a long length and narrow width, can be carried in several ways. It can be put around the neck so that each side rests on one’s chest or twisted at the center and thrown over the shoulder. The twist will keep the contents from falling out. 
Fabrics mentioned range from course and sturdy flax or hemp linens, tows, and osnaburgs to striped ticking and checks and occasionally even marked with the owners initials."

"The pattern shown below is based on a Wallet in the collection of Historic Bethlehem Inc., a historical society located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. These dimensions can be used as guidelines but the wallets were of many sizes."

The great thing about the Market Wallet is the ease of manufacturing. No straps, no buckles, no buttons and one size fits all. That size can be whatever you want it to be. A small one for day trips and/or a larger one for an extended trip. 

Don't want to make one, Townsend has them HERE for $24.