Sunday, October 16, 2016

John Noll Flintlock

This slender longrifle is a classic example of John Noll's work and as expected signed "JOHN NOLL" on the top of the barrel. 

John Noll (1747-1824) was a late 18th and early 19th century gunmaker active in Lancaster and Franklin counties in Pennsylvania. 
It has the typical Noll "IN" silver barrel stamp at the breech. 
Joe Kindig, Jr. notes: "John Noll is the only Kentucky rifle maker I know of who used a little silver mark like this. Marks of this type, but usually with a gold background, were often used by European gunsmiths." Kindig also notes: "John Noll was one of the really great master gunsmiths during the Golden Age of the Kentucky rifle. He made beautiful long slender guns." 
As you can see this rifle certainly fits Kindig's description. 
The rifle has the classic blade and notch groove sights nearly always found on these early rifles, a full length maple stock with primarily brass furniture including the engraved patch box, engraved silver escutcheons, and intricate carving especially on the left side of the butt below and to the rear of the cheekpiece. 


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