Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Heroine of the Revolution

Catherine “Kate” Moore Barry served her country with bravery and intelligence as a spy and messenger, and was instrumental in the pivotal Battle of Cowpens.

In 1781 the British, under command of General Cornwallis was out to crush Patriot resistance in the southern colonies, the resistance commanded by Brigadier General Daniel Morgan.
General Morgan, realizing how out-manned he was, appealed to Catherine Moore Barry for help. 
Her extensive knowledge of the area was a great help the Patriots. She knew every inch of the land she lived in. She knew all the shortcuts, the trails, where Patriots lived, and how to contact them. Single-handed, Kate rounded up the necessary local Patriots to join General Morgan's troops. With Catherine's help, General Morgan laid a trap for General Cornwallis and his men. The plan worked. General Cornwallis was defeated at the Battle of the Cowpens and retreated into the hands of General Washington at Yorktown, Virginia. With his surrender there, the colonies won their independence from Britain. Again, a woman's hand had assisted the Patriots in their war effort.

She became one of the first American Heroines and was decorated with several medals after the War for Independence by South Carolina. 

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