Sunday, November 13, 2016

Johnson M-1836 Martial Pistol

These Model 1836 54 caliber smoothbore flintlock pistols were produced by Gunsmith / manufacturer Robert Johnson of Middletown, Connecticut. 

The M-1836 was an improved version of the Model 1826 and was the final U.S. martial pistol manufactured using the flintlock system.

It was was the primary handgun issued to the U.S. Dragoons and Mounted Rifles during the Mexican War and continued to be used into the early years of Civil War (usually after having been converted to percussion).

They have the distinctive features of a swivel ramrod with button-shaped head, barrel band with strap extension that joins the side plate and an integral back strap and buttcap. The barrel has a brass half-moon front sight and an oval rear sight is located on the tang and the lock has a detachable fenced brass flash pan. The pistol barrel and furniture are finished "National Armory Bright" and the lock has a dark case hardened finish and niter blue frizzen spring. The black walnut stock was oil finished.

Many collectors consider this model to be the best of all U.S. martial flintlock pistols for good reason: These pistols are refined and sturdy. The swivel ramrod is more useful and better looking than the hickory rods used with earlier martial pistols, and the pistols balance well in the hand. 

 produced the M-1836 from 1836 through 1844. Contract prices ranged from $7.50 to $9 each. Johnson’s factory was insured for $30,000. It held 27 employees and six water wheels.

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