Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Dog Lock Trade Musket

An early 18th Century (circa. 1700) English Dog-Lock trade musket. The musket is light and simply made. The flat iron lock plate has beveled edges. The lock has flat, reinforced, hammer with a notch in the back. A small hooked safety latch or "dog" is mounted behind the hammer to engage the hammer notch and provide a 'half-cock' or safety. The lock has a detachable, faceted iron pan and a typical spear point frizzen spring. There are no visible markings on the lock.

The 42 1/2-inch barrel has an octagonal breech, two turned balusters and a slightly swamped muzzle. The barrel is fitted with an iron, half-moon, front sight and fixed, dove-tailed, rear sight. The top barrel flat is engraved: "MINORIES LONDON" in block letters, Minories being a parish in London. The left flat is stamped with oval London, "Crown/GP" and "Crown/V" proof marks. Right flat is stamped is stamped with a five-pointed star and a "RW" maker's stamp. The star/RW mark could possibly be either R. Wooldridge (1680-1739) or Richard Wilson. Wooldridge made dog-lock muskets in London in this period of time. Wilson was a London gunmaker (1681-1730).


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