Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jacob Albright Rifle

This rifle was made by Jacob Albright Jr. (1803-1884) of Centre County, Pennsylvania.

In around 1825, Albright left Pennsylvania and established himself in Wooster Township, Ohio, as a gunmaker, brewer, and grocer.

Albright learned his trade from his father Jacob Albright, Sr. (1766-1840). His grandfather was also a gunsmith. Albright rifles are rather rare but are very refined especially in the carving and inlay work.

The German silver oval inlay on the cheek piece has an engraved border and "J Alb" inscription. Multiple Albright family rifles and other articles are known with similar "J Alb" signatures.

“One of his rifles was shown to President Andrew Jackson and sold to the government with instructions for it to be put on display in the capital”.

Though most of his rifles were made in Ohio, they have a distinctly Pennsylvania feel and closely resemble those built by his father.

This rifle is late for the flintlock era and retains "Golden Age" details less often found on late rifles, including the distinctive Roman nose stock profile and carving on the butt.
It also has late features such as walnut for the stock and checkering. It is equipped with the standard style of blade and notch sights and as you can see double set triggers.
The lock is unmarked but has two molding lines at the rear. Engraving is confined to the "daisy head" patch box, which has 11 piercings, and the cheek piece oval.

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