Monday, March 13, 2017

On this date in 1758 the Battle on Snowshoes took place.

A group of about 180 rangers and British Regulars, led by Robert Rogers, were dispatched to scout French positions.
The French commander, at Fort Carillon, had been alerted to their movement, and sent a force consisting mostly of Indians to meet them.
The combatants met in a wooded area near Lake George, in northern New York. 
In fierce fighting, the British troop was decimated, with more than 120 casualties. 
The French believed that Rogers was killed in this action, as he was forced to abandon his regimental jacket, which contained his commission papers, during his escape from the scene.
This battle gave rise to the tale that Rogers escaped capture by sliding 400 feet down a rockface onto the frozen surface of Lake George. That rock is now known as Rogers Rock or Rogers Slide.
The battle was given its name because the British combatants were wearing snowshoes.

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