Friday, May 19, 2017

The Skirmish of The Cedars was a series of military confrontations early in the American Revolutionary War during the Continental Army's invasion of Quebec.

The skirmishes, which involved limited combat, occurred in May 19 and 20, 1776 in and around The Cedars which was a strategic landing point for anyone navigating the Saint Lawrence river to or from Montreal.
Brigadier General Benedict Arnold, commanding the American military garrison at Montreal, had placed a detachment of his troops at The Cedars in April 1776, after receiving rumors of British and Indian military preparations to the west of Montreal.
Continental Army units were opposed by a small number of British troops leading a larger force of Indians (primarily Iroquois), and militia.
The garrison surrendered on May 19 after a confrontation with a combined force of British and Indian troops led by Captain George Forster. American reinforcements on their way to The Cedars were also captured after a brief skirmish on May 20.
Forster’s scouts advised him of Arnold’s approach with a sizable force and all of the captives were eventually released after negotiations between Forster and Arnold.

The terms of the agreement required the Americans to release an equal number of British prisoners. However, the deal was repudiated by Congress, and no British prisoners were freed.

Colonel Timothy Bedel and Lieutenant Isaac Butterfield, leaders of the American force at The Cedars, were court-martialed and cashiered from the Continental Army for their roles in the affair.

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