Sunday, June 25, 2017

This late 18th century appearing long rifle has no markings, is it contemporary or is it original?

The patch box, carving, and stock designs very similar to identified Lehigh Valley rifles and may have been built by John Moll or possibility a contemporary makers look alike. 

Note for example the incredibly similar patch boxes on the John Rupp and John Moll (also similar cheek piece inlay) on pages 176, 182, and 183 of "Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in Its Golden Age" and the Peter Neihart and Herman Rupp rifles in "The Bethlehem School" section in "The Kentucky Rifle." Lehigh Valley rifles are noted for the rounded "Roman Nose" stocks. The rifle has all the other Lehigh style features, standard sights, a single trigger, and full length maple stock with brass furniture and intricate rococo carving at the ramrod entry pipe, stock flats, breech, and both sides of the butt. 

You be the judge, regardless of who, what or where it is a craftsman’s work of art.

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