Sunday, July 23, 2017

James Teaff

The exceptionally fine patch box on this flintlock rifle is an indication of the maker’s skills. The box is a classic example of that found on the American/Kentucky/Pennsylvania long rifle. It is echoed in the light well executed engraving accents on the the lock, side plate, and 9 of the 10 silver stock inlays.

The barrel marking is not fully clear but appears to read "J Teaff".

James Teaff, is listed as gunsmith out of Stuebenville, Ohio, listed as late as 1853 and 1856 as a working gunsmith in that city. He died 1861.

The patch box, especially the finial, has similarities to the "S McCosh" rifle (figure 264) in "Kentucky Patch boxes & Barrel Marks" and the Jacob Earnest rifle (figured 134) in "Kentucky Rifle Patch boxes All New Volume 2" both by Chandler & Whisker.

The rifle has the standard blade and notch sights seen on nearly all original long rifles and is also equipped with double set triggers. The full length maple stock has a small cheekpiece with an inlaid silver plate engraved with a floral design. 

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