Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July, 5th, 1777, Fort Ticonderoga falls to the after British.

A view of Fort Ticonderoga from Mount Defiance. (Flickr | Slabcity Gang)
Fort Ticonderoga from Mount Defiance

Fort Ticonderoga commander Major General Arthur St. Clair retreated from after British cannons were seen on top of the high ground of Mount Defiance and Sugar Loaf Hill both of which commanded the fort.
After capturing Fort Ticonderoga, the British, under Lieutenant General John Burgoyne, pursued the retreating Continental army under St. Clair.
The bulk St. Clair's army retreated through Hubbardton to Castleton, while the rear guard, Patriots commanded by  Colonel Seth Warner, Colonel Ebenezer Francis and Colonel Nathan Hale, stopped at Hubbardton to rest and pick up stragglers.

On July 7, the British and German troops ran into stubborn rebel resistance at Hubbardton, Vermont. The day would ultimately turn the tide for the Patriot cause.  In the fields and hills around Hubbardton, a tenacious American rear guard of about 1,200 derailed the British general’s plan for a quick march to Albany. The British won a tactical victory, but they suffered precious losses. The Patriots left the British and Germans bloodied while also saving untold casualties from their own army. Burgoyne and his weakened force ultimately surrendered at Saratoga on October 17, 1777, paving the way for a French alliance with the colonies and American independence. 

"Battle of Hubbardton" by Roy Frederic Heinrich

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