Sunday, July 30, 2017

Simon Lauck

Simon Lauck (1760-1815) worked as a gunsmith in Winchester, Virginia and was reportedly trained by John Philip Beck of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

Simon Lauck, Jr. (1784-1864) also worked as a gunsmith circa 1805-1815 in Winchester prior to becoming a minister and heading further west. 

The rifle is signed "S. Lauck" on the silver inlay on the top of the barrel. 
Additional silver inlays, attractive carving, brass furniture, and a gorgeous engraved patchbox all attest to Lauck's craftmanship. The lock has unclear markings and was likely purchased from an outside lock maker or importer as was common in the period.

As a side note;
Simon along with his brother Peter (1753-1839) served with the Daniel Morgan's famous riflemen in the American Revolution. Morgan's riflemen are well known for striking down British officers from long ranges, devastating enemy morale, and were integral to the victory in the Battle of Cowpens. 

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